Visiting Policy & Booking System

Latest Visiting Guidelines

(HSE Guidance of Visitation to Residential Care Facilities v1.4)

National Level Applicable to all Counties: Level 3

Current Visiting Guidance: All routine visiting is suspended with the exception of visiting for compassionate reasons as per HSE guidelines and for wellbeing purposes. 


Level 3&4 - Visiting Residents at Elm Hall Nursing Home as of 7th December 2020

In Levels 3 & 4 routine visiting remains suspended aside from critical and compassionate circumstances. However, to promote wellbeing a maximum of one visit by one person per week shall be facilitated for residents who wish to receive visitors. 
Who can visit
One person per resident (the person may change from week to week). Children under the age of 16 are asked not to visit. (In the case of critical & compassionate circumstances, the ‘person in charge’ will permit flexibility in relation to numbers of visitors depending on local risk assessment). 
Who should not visit
Persons with Covid-19 symptoms, those who have been referred for a test or are waiting results of a test for Covid-19, travellers who have recently arrived from a place where Covid-19 transmission is widespread, close contacts of known or suspected Covid-19 cases.Visitors with symptomatic household contacts or household contacts who have been referred for testing should not visit. Visitors who live in Counties where the level of Covid-19 restrictions is at Level 4 or 5 may be asked not to visit or to take additional precautions. 
How often can visits take place
Once weekly for wellbeing visits (In the case of critical & compassionate circumstances, the ‘person in charge’ will permit flexibility in relation to frequency of visits). 
Duration of visits
30 minutes (In the case of critical & compassionate circumstances, the ‘person in charge’ will permit flexibility in relation to duration of visits).
Location of Visits
Visits will take place in the garden visiting room. (In critical or compassionate circumstances, the visit may take place in the residents bedroom). 
PPE required for Visitors
Visitors are required to perform hand hygiene before and after their visit and wear a surgical face mask during their visit. Social Distancing must be strictly adhered to and there should be no physical contact between visitors and residents. 
Symptom Screening and Checking of Visitors – Temperature and symptom screening on arrival.
Other arrangements – Window visits are not restricted at Level 3. Staff will continue to facilitate video calling at this level also. Organised outings, or social visits outside of the nursing home are not permitted at Level 3 of the framework. 

If there is a need for discretionary additional measures, you should contact the Director of Nursing (‘The Person in Charge’)- David Wallace on 01-6012399

You can book a visiting slot using the calendar below. 

Visiting Appointments may be cancelled if:

> Resident requests not to have a visit

> Visitors have travelled from another country in the previous 14 days not on the 'green list'.

> If the resident is required to adhere to a period of self-isolation

> If on the advice of NPHET, a period of restrictions (lockdown) is implemented for the area around the nursing home.

Visitors will not be allowed to enter/will be asked to leave if:

> Their symptom screening and temperature check indicate that visiting is unsafe to proceed

> The visitor refuses to adhere to infection control guidance such as hand washing, PPE usage or social distancing

> The visitor (or their household contacts) has been referred to testing, tested and awaiting results or has received a positive Covid-19 result in the previous 14 day period. 

> The visitor is not on the residents approved list of visitors (where such restrictions apply).

> The visitor lives in a county under any restriction higher than Level 2

> The visitor is believed to have recently travelled from an area not on the 'Green List' without completing 14 days isolation.

On the day of your visit

Do not attend for your visit if you have symptoms of Covid-19 such as cough, fever, chills, muscle aches and pains, headaches, loss of sense of smell or taste, diarrhoea, vomiting or any other flu-like symptom. 

On arrival, park as normal and phone 01-2118359

Proceed to the gate at the rear of the nursing home leading to the courtyard garden where a staff member will meet you. 

You will be assisted to sanitise your hands and be provided with a disposable surgical face mask. 

A staff member will ask you a series of questions to confirm you have no symptoms of Covid-19, have not recently had contact with a known or suspected case of Covid-19 and ensure there is no risk to the visit proceeding. 

You will be seated in a designated area in the marquee with your relative and the visit will commence. 

We ask you to minimise physical contact as much as possible to protect your loved one throughout the visit. 

Out of consideration we ask you to conclude your visit promptly when the end of the time is approaching so that the next visitor can be accomodated without delay. 

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