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Independent Living

@ Elm Hall Village

Elm Hall Village was designed to promote the enjoyment, convenience and peace of mind of our Residents. The village consists of 28 one-bedroom bungalows within a 6-acre complex that is also home to Elm Hall Nursing Home. Our Residents enjoy the benefits of independent living, secure in the knowledge that their homes, landscaping and communal areas are well maintained on their behalf. Elm Hall Village provides homes for older people and people with health & social care needs who are capable of independent living. Each home is generous in size comprising of one bedroom with a fully equipped open plan kitchen and sitting room and a bathroom with level-access shower and outdoor garden/patio area.

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Independent Living


  • Spacious one-bedroom homes designed around landscaped common areas, choice of furnished or unfurnished.

  • Fully equipped kitchen/sitting room.

  • Kitchen contains fridge-freezer and washer/dryer.

  • Bedroom with built-in wardrobe.

  • Bathroom with level-access shower, raised toilet and grab rails.

  • Gas-fired central heating.

  • Car parking.

  • Maintenance free landscaping throughout the complex.






  • 24 hour emergency call system.

  • Daily lunch available at Elm Hall Nursing Home at a preferential rate.

  • Weekly taxi service (pick up and collection) to the nearby St. Wolstan’s Shopping Centre and Celbridge town.

  • Daily curtesy call from reception to check on your wellbeing.

  • Electricity and gas utilities included in the monthly charge of €1,500 per month.

  • Refuse disposal included in the monthly charge.

  • Complete maintenance of house exteriors including gutters and drainpipes.

  • General maintenance - plumbing, electrical, heating.

  • Insurance of all units & common area & public liability (excluding contents).

  • Lighting in common areas.

  • Maintenance of grounds to include grass cutting & landscaping.

  • Maintenance of car parking area.

  • On-site caretaker Monday to Friday.






  • Elm Hall Village is a community offering quality houses for Residents interested in independent residential living within a peaceful environment.

  • The ethos of our village is to enable Residents remain independent and healthy for as long as possible.

  • Elm Hall Village provides the freedom and privacy of having your own home together with the security of a 24 hour emergency monitoring system and the convenience of a maintenance free environment.

  • On-site daily care is not provided by Elm Hall Village and Elm Hall Nursing Home but Residents can employ their own carer or apply to the HSE for support, if applicable.

  • In the case of an emergency, the nursing home will act as the third point of contact on the 24 hour monitored emergency system, the first and second points of contact being the emergency services and next of kin respectively.

  • The nursing home will with your permission maintain a list of contacts on your behalf in the event of an emergency.

  • Our reception staff will also where desired call your home each day to check on your wellbeing.





It is important to note that while a third party operated 24 hour monitored emergency call system is provided, on-site direct care is not provided by Elm Hall Village and Elm Hall Nursing Home. Residents may however employ their own carer or apply to the HSE for support, if applicable.




  • Provision of independent living in a peaceful environment.

  • All Houses are equipped with 24 hour emergency call buttons.

  • Emergency monitoring system is available to all Residents.

  • Daily lunch at Elm Hall Nursing Home

(available at a preferential rate of €5.00

per day).

  • Weekly taxi service (pick up and collection) to the nearby St. Wolstan’s Shopping Centre and Celbridge town.

  • Daily curtesy call from reception to check on your wellbeing.

  • Elm Hall Nursing Home located beside Elm Hall Village has a range of service providers offering services such as chiropody hairdressing & physiotherapy to nursing home residents. Village residents can avail of these services at preferential rates.

  • We would also encourage Village Residents to avail of the Nursing Home’s garden facilities.




1.Are there any special requirements to becoming a Resident?

Yes. Residents who have health and social care needs and are able to cope with the day-to-day running of an independent home.


2.Is there security around the clock?

The village is located behind Elm Hall Nursing Home which is a 24 hour/7 days a week care centre. All homes contain emergency call systems that give 24-hour emergency monitoring. An on-site caretaker is also provided 5 days a week 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday servicing both the nursing home and village.


3.What is the monthly fee and what does it cover?

The monthly fee is €1,500 which includes electricity, refuse, heating and water utilities.


4.Are there any "hidden" costs in addition to the monthly payment?

Residents are responsible for TV, internet & telephone and any other additional services that they may choose.



5.Can I choose which unit I want to occupy?

Yes but as the number of available houses is limited this will be on both a suitability & first come basis.


6.Can I have a pet?

Yes, but there are restrictions. Pets must conform to the Pet Agreement and the Management Team are available to discuss this further with you.


7.Do I have to sign a contract ?

Yes, you will be required to sign a 12 month licence agreement which includes a two month trial period. The licence agreement is reviewed after this term and the parties normally enter into a new license agreement every 12 months. Our aim is to develop a positive and long-term relationship with our Residents.


8.What payment is required up front ?

Monthly fee of €1,500 payable in advance together with a deposit in the amount of €1,500.


9.Can I come and go as I please ?

Yes, Elm Hall Village is your home.


10.Can my friends and family stay with me?

Yes. Your house is your own home and you can have visitors at anytime. Permanent live in guests are however not allowed.


11.Who pays for the maintenance of the village?

The cleaning and maintenance of Elm Hall Village including landscaped grounds, grass cutting, car parking area, lifts, gutters and drainpipes, house exteriors and refuse disposal is included in the monthly payment. General maintenance, including plumbing, electrical, heating is also included in the monthly payment. We do not provide internal cleaning of homes directly however we can supply a list of local service providers.


12.Who is responsible for the cost of insurance?

Insurance of all houses, common areas and public liability (excluding contents) is included in Residents monthly payment.


13.How do I apply for Residency?

Contact us on 01-6012399 to arrange an appointment or email


14.Criteria for Selection & Waiting List?


The criteria for selection to join our independent living community is older people (over the state retirement age of 66) and people with health & social care needs who are capable of independent living. There are a limited number of 1 bed bungalows available and there is a waiting list for these homes. Selection is on both a first come and suitability basis determined solely by the Management Team at Elm Hall Village.

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Fees and Charges

Independent Living @ Elm Hall Village

Accomodation Fees

1 Bedroom Bungalow

€1,500.00 per calendar month

Deposit payable €1,500.00

Monthly accomodation fee includes:

Utilities (Heating, Hot Water, Electricity)

Refuse Collection (General Waste & Recycling)


Monitored Telecare Alarm

Access to Social Activities

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