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Our Mission, Our Core Values and Our Team

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Our Mission Statement is ‘Our People Care’. 
We think this simple message encompasses everything we are about. 
•    Our dedicated staff genuinely care for each person who comes to live at Elm Hall.
•    Every member of staff is focused on our over-riding priority and sees their role as integral to it : - the care and support of our residents.
•    Our people are engaged, committed, interested, dedicated and open :- they care about their work and the success of our shared mission at Elm Hall.
•    Our leaders care for their staff and the members of their team.
•    Our staff care for each other, working as teams with a sense of professionalism and mutual respect.
•    Our business partners, suppliers and members of our multidisciplinary team are chosen because they care about our residents and staff too :- they are aligned with our mission and support us in what we do.
•           Our staff and our leaders care for our local community, working to build and strengthen links with local groups and our surrounding area for the benefit of all. 



To show respect for each individual – their needs, their wants and their goals taking into account each individuals past, present and dreams for the future


To actively listen, to seek feedback, to acknowledge shortcomings and to learn and grow from them – to hear the voices of our residents and staff


Protecting the dignity of each person who lives and works at Elm Hall by recognising and safeguarding basic rights such as privacy, bodily integrity and promoting equality


To continuously improve and develop the quality and safety of care, always looking for opportunities to be better


In all our actions we demonstrate warmth and kindness for each other at all times


To strive to enjoy each day, to build meaningful relationships, to laugh and make happy memories


Our Amazing Care Staff

It's our nurses and carers who make the difference and ensure every resident feels at home, feels cared for and feels safe.

Our Team: Inner_about

Celine McSweeney

Clinical Nurse Manager

Celine works closely with David and Anupa to support the nursing and care staff at Elm Hall. Celine is a registered general nurse with more than 20 years experience. She has been Clinical Nurse Manager at Elm Hall since 2015.


Ashmi Cherian

Clinical Nurse Manager

Ashmi works with David and Anupa to oversee the care and nursing staff at Elm Hall. Ashmi holds a degree in nursing and is a registered general nurse. Ashmi has over 15 years experience in nursing older persons.


David Wallace

Director of Nursing (Person in Charge)

David has 13 years experience in the care profession having worked as a Healthcare Assistant, Staff Nurse, Clinical Nurse Manager and in Director roles in Nursing Homes. David is a Registered General Nurse having qualified at Trinity College Dublin. He also holds a Pg.Dip in Healthcare Management from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and a National Qualification in Emergency Medical Technology.


Anupa Joseph

Assistant Director of Nursing

As the Assistant Director of Nursing of Elm Hall Nursing Home and Retirement Village, Anupa co-ordinates the team with David and John to ensure the highest standards of care are delivered. Anupa is qualified as a Registered General Nurse with 15 years experience and holds a certificate in nursing management. 

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