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HSE Nursing Home Support

A guide to the Fair Deal Scheme

We are an approved nursing home for residents with state support from the HSE. Nursing home care can be costly, however many people are entitled to State Support with the cost of care which reduces the cost dramatically. 

Here you'll find details about the Nursing Home Support Scheme, including a downloadable guide to the scheme. 

The Nursing Home support scheme provides financial assistance with the basic costs of bed & board, nursing care, laundry service, basic aids and appliances. There is an additional service charge levied to cover items not included for support by the HSE.

Typically, the resident will be asked by the HSE to pay 80% of their weekly income towards the cost of care and the Fair Deal scheme pays the balance. A full guide to the Fair Deal scheme including worked financial examples is available for download below. 

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More Advice

Download our Fair Deal Funding Guide as a starting point. Our Director of Nursing, David, would be happy to meet with you and help with your application and advise on the process.

Fair Deal Funding Guide

Download (PDF)

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Tax Relief

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HSE Fair Deal

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