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Benefits of getting online for Older People

Whilst more older people are now using the internet, research shows that over half of over 65's have never used the internet.

Research from the International Longevity Centre has revealed the benefits that getting online can have for older people. Improved quality of life, improved independence and reduced isolation have been identified by researchers as benefits of adopting online technology.

At Elm Hall Nursing Home we are working to promote independence by ensuring residents have access to information they need to make decisions about their healthcare needs, their lifestyle and also to access news sources and assistive technologies. Residents can use trusted online resources to find out about their medicines or search for information about their medical conditions.

Residents can either use their own device, or borrow one of our Samsung Tablets to access social media, video chat applications such as Skype or Google Meet to keep in touch with family and friends who are unable to visit or are living abroad. Research has shown that older people who have access to the internet report less feelings of loneliness. We can also help residents to set up an email address to receive personal messages.

Most important of all is the impact the internet can have on quality of life. Many of our residents have already enjoyed watching video clips from YouTube either as part of group activities or on the SmartTV in their room. The most popular content is music from favourite artists or videos of years gone by resulting in some very memorable discussions in the day room. Games and puzzles such as word search apps, jigsaw and quiz apps have proven especially popular too often involving an element of team play.

We love helping our residents explore online and helping them to get online. If you know an older person who would like to get started on the internet, Age Action runs a network of 1:1 training courses for older people. You can find more details here on the Age Action website:

At Elm Hall Nursing Home we can help you pick a device that suits your needs, get you connected and help you make the most of our resident Wi-Fi services and SmartTV service.

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