A Caring Community 

The 'Elm Hall Team' strives to ensure that each Resident who chooses to live with us and to avail of our services, is treated with dignity and respect at all times. The individuality and choice of each Resident is of paramount importance and is respected at all times.  Residents and/or their relatives are actively encouraged to participate in the preparation of their individual 'Care Plans' and to exercise their right of 'choice'.

Protecting our Residents and treating them with dignity and respect is a fundamental and basic requisite in all areas of Care Services provided in Elm Hall.  A competent and suitably trained compliment of staff, governed and supported by an efficient and dedicated Management Team is essential in ensuring the level and quality of care to which we aspire. Elm Hall prides itself on having such a totally committed and dedicated Management & Care Team.

'Home From Home' - Transparency & Openness

Elm Hall Management and Staff operate in an environment of welcome, openness and transparency, therefore we do not require 'potential Residents' to make appointments to come and visit the Nursing Home prior to making a decision to use our services and facilities. We operate an 'open-door' policy and request only, that visitors respect the privacy of Resident's scheduled meal-times. 

Each member of staff is trained to understand the importance of ensuring that - the highest possible standard of holistic care is provided to all Residents with compassion, dignity, courtesy, respect and understanding, whilst endeavouring to promote and maintain the independence of each person.

We try to ensure that our Residents experience a life that is as close as possible to the environment that they were accustomed to in their own homes and in those of their families. There are no restrictions on visiting times and family members are actively encouraged to visit as often as they can.

Our Philosophy Of Care

Elm Hall Nursing Home provides Residents with a high level of Holistic Care combined with a dignified lifestyle which endeavours to enhance their well-being and supports their individual and specific needs. We encourage each Resdient to continue  maintaining their independence within their individual limitations, and also to ensure that they remain in contact with their family, friends and the local community.

All staff at Elm Hall Nursing Home are committed to the provision of high standards of care, support and respect for all Residents.

Our Basic 'Care Philosophy': 

  • 'Caring For Those Who Cared For Us' - Being a 'Caring Community'
  • Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for each Resident
  • Preserving the autonomy of Residents, encouraging free expression of opinion and freedom of choice
  • Maintaining a safe and secure environment
  • Ensuring that the privacy and dignity of each Resident is respected
  • Being an employer that provides continuous professional development and training for all staff
  • Ensuring appropriate Clinical Goverance and Management at all times

The Rights Of Each Resident:

Each Resident in Elm Hall Nursing Home has the right to:
  • Receive a 'Care Service Agreement' (Contract of Care) outlining the rights and obligations of both the Nursing Home and the Resident
  • Quality and dignified care which is appropriate to his/her needs
  • Participate in the preparation of their own individual Care Plans and to be informed of all services that may be available/relevant
  • Full information about his/her own state of health and about available treatments
  • Exercise all of their civil and natural rights and to have access to services and activities which are generally available in the community
  • Personal privacy
  • Live in a safe, secure and homelike environment, and to move freely both within and outside the nursing home without un-necessary restraint or restrictions
  • Be treated with dignity and respect at all times and safe from any form of verbal/non-verbal and/or other forms of abuse
  • Select and maintain family, social and personal relationships with any other person, both within and outside the Nursing Home
  • Freedom of speech
  • Protection from any form of abuse, harm and exploitation
Each Resident in Elm Hall Nursing Home must be responsible and ensure that they:
  • Respect the rights and needs of other people in the Nursing Home.
  • Respect the rights of staff and the proprietor to work in an environment which is free from harassment
  • Care for his/her own health and well-being in so far as he/ she is capable
  • Inform his/her General Practitioner, as far as he/she is able, about his/ her medical history and his /her current state of health

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